Movement Class :: open to all

When: Begins September 22nd for 10 weeks :: Tuesday Mornings 8:30--10am
Cost: $120 entire session (includes make-ups) :: $15 for walk-ins

Falls Hill Studio in TUNBRIDGE

On-going Movement Class ::
if you've worked with me before or have a movement practice

When: 12 weeks, begins Sept 23rd/24th :: Wednesday 5:30--7pm
Cost: Full session $145 (open make-ups)

Gentle Movement Class ::
if you hurt or feel limited, you are new to my work, or you want to take it easy

When: 12 weeks, begins Sept 23rd/24th :: Thursday 8:30--10am
Cost: Full session $145 (open make-ups)

Restorative Mini-Retreats :: Yummm, heated floor . . .

When: Sunday afternoons 2:30--5pm :: December 13th * 20th * 27th * Jan 3rd
Cost: $40/ea or $75 for you and a friend :: $120 for the whole series

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