I have been doing therapeutic work on and off throughout my adult life and doing this work with you resonates more than anything I have done before. —Lynn Madden, sales executive, New York City


Breathe. Your soul is safe with Lynne. She is a coach with extraordinary gifts.—Christine Wight, Yoga Mentor, Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey


Transformational! —Kathleen O'Boyle, on the road


Thanks to Lynne, I am running again. —Nancy Jessup, Runner, Putney, Vermont


I tell people you’re a personal trainer for my attitude. —Craig Byrne, financial consultant, Chelsea, Vermont


I became conscious that I was changing. I decided to get involved in choosing how I would change. Lynne Hadley inspired me to do that. I don’t know exactly how. But here’s what I experienced. Lynne loves life: hers, mine, yours, all. She ‘gentled’ my life when I couldn’t be gentle with myself . . . She suspends judgement . . . [she] holds sacred mind, body, spirit—hers, mine, yours, all. She nourishes each in her clients. Lynne awakened in me a consciousness that I must do the same in order to have the life I want.” —Stephanie Blackwood, marketing consultant, New York City


You have the amazing gift of pushing me just far enough to see into/over the other side without going so far as to promote fear. No one else has had the time, energy, insight, patience or willingness to stick with me . . . I know this is your ‘job’ but I never feel like ‘just another client.’ It’s scary to trust someone so implicitly and I want to thank you for that gift. —Jennifer MacMillen, publisher, Norwich, Vermont


Working with Lynne is always an adventure—serious exploration offered through lighthearted play and unconditional respect for the process of growth. Within her small frame beats a heart full of courage and fire—a gift to us all.—Camilla Rockwell, Producer, Burlington, Vermont


Lynne has a tool-box chock full of conventional and arcane wisdom. She is skilled, creative and passionate to serve. She supports those who choose to become all they can be. She is a coach with extraordinary gifts.—Christine Wight, Yoga Mentor, Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey


We did a lot of work and were deftly led by your skills, Lynne. The day surpassed my expectation. —Essie Howe, Wild Onion Cohousing


What can we say, you are incredible! Your presence is like a breath of fresh air and your gentleness radiates upon all who are lucky enough to know you. The light that you have shined on us during these past months and this weekend will forever be a part of our lives together. For this, we are grateful. —Dr. Katherine and Matt Virkstis, newlyweds


Thank you for the way you facilitate meetings! I loved the way you gently, yet firmly, moved things along. You go girl!—Karen Speerstra, Sophia Serve


Thank you for who you are and what you do. You are awesome. I believe the Center is on a great course, and I know you have been an integral part of our progress.—Lynda Howells, Randolph, Vermont

Anonymous participant evaluations:

I especially liked your ability to hear the concerns of the group and respond to them in your presentation.


Rich in content, skillful presenter. Good modeling for our group!


I especially appreciated your skill, sensitivity, and the way you emphasized the need for attending to the underlying ‘stuff’ in our group so that it actually moves our tasks to completion.


Just wanted to let you know how much everyone appreciated your hard work yesterday. You have a powerful and joyful presence! It was really a pleasure to experience your leadership.