What is possible . . .

. . . how do we invest in a life that truly enlivens?








Each day we imagine our futures, make choices, and expend life energy.

As a coach I help clients engage this process with more ease and effectiveness.


We can always entertain new perceptions and take new action. A coach can make all the difference.

I love my work. I am continually awed by my clients’ courage to live creatively in evolutionary times.


I help clients move from desire and into action. We cultivate vitality—in the domains of body and health, relationships, inner life, money, and work.

Clients come to:

  • relieve stress
  • heal physical pain
  • get in shape
  • access core vitality
  • clarify dreams
  • jumpstart creativity
  • shift emotions
  • release trauma
  • change patterned behavior
  • coordinate action
  • retain focus
  • hone effectiveness


My work begins not with pathology—what is wrong. It begins with what we truly want. When we act on our core desires, blocks arise. We can transform them, turning resistance into fuel.

We can regain our natural vitality. We can receive life in a fresh way.

Perception is primary...shift as needed


I work out of my home studio, on-site, and over the phone with clients from around the country.

Individuals use my services in many ways. Some people come to do a specific, intensive piece of work; for others, I am a part of an on-going network of support.I often work as part of a team with traditional therapists and other integrative practitioners.

I encourage clients to call as needed. Clients find the ability to check-in any time especially helpful during times of upheaval and transformation.

Short initial consultations are always free.

Studio :: $75/hr :: 1.5hrs $90 :: 2+hours $60/hr
Phone :: $1.25/ minute :: sessions of any length
On site :: Custom pricing for home visits, trainings, and projects

True economy is the exchange of Good. —Careen

I barter with clients who can perform a professional-quality labor exchange directly with me or through a third party.

The Body

unlock blocks, restore health, generate vitality

Re-Member Yourself. You are a map of millions of years of evolution, you have direct access to a vast heritage of intelligence. Your body is The Ground of all the perceptions, the sensations, the experiences you will ever have. Biological patterns shift through curious engagement. No matter what shape you are in, you can enliven.

..we are fundamentally fluid organisms that communicate, innovate, revitalize and invite new frontiers of experience.

Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement


befriend these messengers—keys to desire and creativity.

Emotions are emissaries from our soul. They deliver insight and meaning. As energy, they seek to shift and change. Curiosity transforms what is blocked into fuel for action.

You, my own deep soul,

trust me. I will not betray you.

My blood is alive with many voices

telling me I am made of longing.

What mystery breaks over me now?

In its shadow I come into life.

For the first time I am alone with you—

you, my power to feel.

Rilke, Book of Hours


Imagination & Thought

observe mind
shift perceptions
harness the power of vision

Open the mind to the wisdom of this moment. Free thinking from habit. Engage the power of the imagination. Inner experience shapes all physical expression.

to understand mystery

observe mind

stilling fear

mind moves clear

sing a song of equanimity

awake within serenity

affirm your voice and choice

magnetize a potent dream

world alight, illumined peace

—Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo

Spiritual Life

recall the sacred
listen deeply
be at home

How do I re-source? How do I reflect and get perspective? What gives me resilience during challenging times? What delights my soul? How do I wish to love? These are questions of spirit.

Each attention is an act of belonging. - Susan Harper

 Practical Action

handle the details
get effective

We live in evolutionary times. As any other biological organism, we can rigidify or adapt.

Become resilient, flexible and responsive. Practice integration.

Structure provides a container for our energy. Focus gives it direction and power.

What you call freedom

is still nothing but choosing

how to steer straight into the heart

of what chooses you

Kate Gleason