Movement Dynamics

Movement is inherent, from molecular and cellular exchange, to the bio-mechanics of motion in 3D, to the field of relating, self and other.  
How do these dynamics shape us? In turn, how does perception—movement in our unfolding mindstream—shape our physical body and our experience of life?
30 years as a movement educator brings me to these key observations
In general, we westerners don’t move enough or very well; especially when we need it most. 
Cultural and developmental patterning shapes us profoundly at every level of our being. Just as profoundly, we can generate new, more sustainable habits.
Given the chance to feel better, bodies will do so. 
We are by nature fluid, responsive, self-organizing creatures. 
At any place on the spectrum of health, we can nourish and enliven ourselves.
We can be in our bodies with much more ease and pleasure. 
The tools are surprisingly enjoyable and simple.
My toolbox has evolved to help people of all ages/shapes/states relocate ourselves more comfortably in our bodies—in space, in gravity, in movement, and at rest.
Clients include athletes, elders, youth, professionals, people who are pregnant, sedentary, or not mobile for any reason. Together, we 
  • generate new and appropriate tools for thriving 
  • address pain relief and healing for injuries and chronic conditions
  • build support for everyday activity; be it intense sport, the repetition of work-oriented movement, or the precious, basic motions of daily life.
I work with individuals and groups in private sessions, classes, & trainings—in my studio, on the phone, on-site at home or work.