Individuals, a sampler

Photographer developing his own business

Artist seeking a job to complement her painting.

Grandmother designing a home self-care practice

Father exploring entrepreneurial work that supports his values and his family

Marketing consultant seeking ideas for venture non-profit housing venture

Mother of two experiencing marital separation and developing her next career venture

Woman leaving a career of twenty-four years in order to explore life

Eighty-year-old man learning to meditate

Writer addressing family history, relationships and career

Man in his forties seeking to break the cycle of depression

Mother of three rebuilding her life after a serious head injury

Forty-year old woman quitting smoking and training to become a firefigher

Lawyer leaving legal practice to write a book

Woman healing from twenty-year-long eating disorder

Gov. official making career shift after twelve years of appointed service

Retail executive addressing changes in career, relationships, and home life

Seasoned healer deepening her power of expression

Accountant changing his career, family, and volunteer priorities

Business executive clearing out all substance use



Wild Onion Co-housing

New York Zen Center/Greyston Bakery

Institute for Social Ecology at Goddard College

Vermont Law school

Springfield Hospital

South Royalton Market

The Orchard School